Commercial Type 2 Chargers

Commercial Type 2 Chargers

Our Type 2 Charger features a modern and robust design to fight the outdoor elements while adding safety and reliability to your EV charging pile.

Our type 2 Charger comes in 3 types:

  • Single Gun 7.4 Kw
  • Dual Gun 15 Kw
  • Single Gun 22 Kw

All the internals of our chargers are modular in nature with a fully on board PCB design, making our chargers significantly more reliable and easier to repair.

The chargers are compatible with OCPP 1.6 and are already integrated with most CPO softwares in the country. We also offer deeper and custom commands with our bulk customer’s OCPP servers.

The charger comes standard with Wifi, RFID and 4G with an optional display and ethernet kit, depending on customer/ tender requirements.

Tech OVN also makes sure that the customers and field engineers can easily troubleshoot problems with the chargers by providing 8 different types of error indications using the multicoloured LED. This helps our customers reduce the cost of the LCD screens and helps in rapid actions to rectify problems.

With Tech OVN’s experience in Meters, we make sure that our customers get the most accurate metering to protect their revenue.

Tech OVN also white labels for our customers and we are open to using customer’s custom enclosures for their chargers.

The charger comes with safety features built in according to International standards so that you can charge your EV in the safest, cheapest and technologically advanced way possible!

This charger is best used for 4 wheelers