Install Ev Charger In Home

EV Chargers for the Home: A Crucial Step for EV Adoption

The demand for electric vehicles is increasing. To show responsibility towards the environment, the world is moving towards a sustainable solution. Even at an individual level, people are now aware of environmental sustainability. This is the reason why people are shifting towards electric vehicles and the need for EV chargers for the home is rising.

Levels of EV Charging

There are three levels of EV charging; Level 1, Level 2, and Level 3. Each level offers different charging speeds and power levels.

Level 1 Charging

It is the most basic and slowest form of charging. In this, the vehicle is plugged into an electric vehicle charger for home through the charging cord that comes with your EV. Level 1 charging typically operates at 230 volts and delivers a charging rate of around 5 to 10 km of range per hour of charging. It is appropriate for overnight charging or vehicles with a small battery and less routine driving.

Level 2 Charging

It has a faster charging speed as compared to level 1 charging. In this, dedicated installation of a charging station also known as Electric vehicle supply equipment is required. Level 2 chargers operate at 230 volts and deliver charging rates typically ranging from 20 to 80 km range per hour of charging. For the installation of this level EV home charger, there is the requirement of professional installation by a licensed electrician and may involve additional electrical upgrades.

Key Benefits of Installing EV Chargers at Home


The home car charging point of EV provides the convenience of charging the vehicle overnight or whenever at home. Each day can be started with a fully charged battery and hence eliminate the need of using public charging stations or rely on other charging means.


Home charging generally costs less than charging externally. The electricity rate is often low in residential use as compared to public charging. Charging at home is more cost-effective in the long run compared to relying solely on public charging infrastructure.


The installation of an electric car charger for the home provides flexibility in terms of when and how you charge the electric vehicle. You can easily customize your charging schedule to take advantage of off-peak electricity rates.

Potential Resale value

Installing an EV charger at home can potentially increase the resale value of the property. The adoption of EVs is growing continuously and having the feature of EV charging is an attractive feature for prospective buyers.

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