Home Charger Type 2

Home Charger Type 2

Compact size with powerful features!

Our Type 2 Charger features a modern and robust design to fight the outdoor elements while adding safety and reliability to your EV charging routine. The charger comes with our state of the art home charging app that lets you control and schedule your charger using your phone. This lets users not only know how much electricity is being consumed by the car, but also schedule it so that you can charge the EV when it is the cheapest. We want to make sure our customers save money while they charge!

The app connects with the charger through wifi, either directly with your phone or through your router. The charger cannot be turned on unless it is through an authorized RFID card or the app. This makes sure that neighbors don’t charge their vehicles using your electricity!

Charger comes standard with Wifi and RFID with an option to upgrade to 4G and Ethernet.

Safety features are built in the charger according to International standards so that you can charge your EV in the safest, cheapest and technologically advanced way possible!

This charger is best used for 4 wheelers