Ev Charging-stations in Offices

Electric Vehicle Charging Stations for Offices: For Better Adoption of EVs

Today the world understands the importance of sustainability, which is why more significant economies are setting their targets toward a greener economy. Electric vehicles are a bigger step toward obtaining a greener and cleaner environment. For instance, India has set the target of achieving net zero by 2070, which is why many industries have now prioritized the installation of electric vehicle charging stations for offices. Moreover, the accessibility and availability of EV charging stations are crucial for the better adoption of electric vehicles.

Understanding Electric Vehicle Charging Station

First, understand that vehicles can be powered by an electric motor that draws electricity from a battery and charges from an external source. Electric vehicle charging stations, or EVSEs, are the infrastructure facilities explicitly built to charge electric vehicles. These stations provide electric power to recharge the batteries of electric cars, plug-in hybrid vehicles, and other electric vehicles. Furthermore, the EV stations can be categorized based on power output and charging speed.

Level 1 EV Charging: The slowest form of electric vehicle charging requires a standard household 120AC outlet, generally providing 8 km of approx range.

Level 2 EV Charging: A 240-volt AC electrical supply is required to charge the vehicle’s battery. It can provide up to 32-40 km of driving range per hour.

Level 3 EV Charging: The fast charging technology for EVs can charge an EV battery up to 80% in as little as 30 minutes.

Benefits of Installing Electric Vehicle Charging Stations at Offices

Numerous benefits can be achieved by installing EV charging stations for offices. For instance, businesses can earn corporate branding by showing environmental responsibility. Many companies possess active sustainability programs, including reducing energy and materials.

  • If you want to attract employees who use electric vehicles, then installing EV charging stations is a significant way to show the commitment towards sustainability
  • EV charging stations aid in saving money on energy costs. During peak-off hours, you can take the benefit of low electricity rates.
  • Installing an EV charging station is a bonus for employees who believe in an environmentally conscious lifestyle.
  • While working, employees can easily charge their cars, and hence they can achieve convenient charging. Employees can save money on fuel costs by charging at the workplace.
  • Electric vehicles produce zero tailpipe emissions and hence contribute to less air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions. Organizations can actively support environmental sustainability goals and minimize their carbon footprint by installing an EV charging stations at offices.
  • There are scenarios where employers charge a fee for utilizing workplace charging stations. Due to this, potential revenue can be generated, which can be reinvested in charging the overall infrastructure.

On the other hand, it can give guests the convenience of recharging their electric vehicles, making their stay more enjoyable.

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