Ev Charging Stations in Commercial Complexes

Electric Vehicle Charging Stations for Businesses

The EV industry has become bigger & bigger and holds a sustainable future. If you own a commercial property or premises, you can install electric vehicle charging stations for businesses. They are becoming a popular option as they are environmentally friendly and profitable, which helps business owners to attract customers and gain revenue.

Recently, the usage of electric cars has grown exponentially, and so has the demand for electric car charging stations. In 2022, EVs saw 49% growth in sales, and it is estimated that sales will reach 33% in 2030. Techovn will provide you with an EV charger, and our experts will help you install electric vehicle charging stations for businesses.

Installation of EV Charger at All Kinds of Properties

  • Shopping Malls
  • Hotels
  • Multi-Residential Properties
  • Restaurants
  • Workplaces
  • Parking Lots and Garages

Electric car charging point for your business will be even more beneficial when you install them on the premises. Businesses must install electric vehicle charging stations at workplaces to attract employees, reach sustainability goals, and enhance productivity. It will also create a positive image on the business brand name. Employees will also take advantage during their work commutes as it will save money. In the end, it will be responsible for reducing greenhouse emissions.

Types of EV Chargers

Fast Chargers

Mostly, fast chargers are installed across the country, and they recharge vehicles quickly as they deliver high-quality direct current. The power ranges from 30 KW to 150 KW. However, they required high – power availability.

Slow Chargers

The slow charger uses an alternate current (AC) and requires less power. They are good options for residence or home; however, they can take 6-14 hours to full-charge.

Tech OVN has a wide range of products based on your requirements, such as home and commercial chargers. Our experts will help you to choose and install the best electric car charging point for your business.

What Can Be the Cost of Setting Up Charging Stations?

Installing electric vehicle charging stations for businesses is similar to having a petrol pump. The cost of setting up EV charging stations depends on many factors, such as location and number of charging points.

Revenue becomes crucial when you installelectric car charging point for your business. However, EV stations allow you to scale your business, and you can start with a small station and add electric car charging points when demand grows. You can also extend the business to a new location. Possibilities are endless, and the future is very bright in this space.

Contact us for EV chargers, and our experts will install electric vehicle charging stations at workplaces, homes, residences, etc.