Future of Charging Infrastructure in India

It seems like a dream when one could imagine charging a vehicle like charging a mobile phone. Our country’s vision of one day becoming an important part of the EV revolution is now seeing the light of the day.

The Automotive Component Manufacturers Association of India (ACMA) has revealed that India’s upcoming EV market would make for 61% two-wheelers (EV), 37% three-wheelers (EV) as well as almost 3% four-wheelers (EV). In order to supply to this evolving demand, we will be required to establish a hefty EV charging infrastructure across India. 

Establishing a robust EV charging infrastructure can be a very expensive and difficult proposition.  It requires creating space in already congested roadways, locating a suitable charging area and substantial outlays to get a decent network of public Electric Vehicle charging infrastructure. While the government is already making it mandatory for every existing gas station to have designated EV charging stations, the implementation is still not as fast. This is why we must come up with supplementary/ alternative solutions like installing EV charging points in residential societies, shopping malls, railway stations, parking lots, office complexes as well as independent shops. 

Tech OVN, a leading EV charger manufacturer in India, makes two types of EV Chargers- AC Chargers as well as DC Chargers. AC chargers are more compact and can be easily installed in homes, apartments, malls, hospitals, parking lots, etc. This allows for the consumer to easily charge their electric vehicles at their convenience. Tech OVN’s AC EV chargers come with many features-

  1. You can know the low energy consumption times and charge your EVs without raking a high electricity bill. 
  2. Our chargers come with a prepayment feature which allows you to know exactly how much energy will be consumed and at what rate.
  3. Individuals can also make an income sitting at home by allowing others to charge their EVs when the charger is available through the features our smart EV charger offers. i.e. start and stop charging feature on the app as well as the prepayment feature.

In conclusion, our chargers empower our consumers to easily charge their electric vehicles, save money as well as earn some money from the comfort of their homes. 

The government, the media and the industry must make sure that the consumers are aware of the plethora of benefits EV charging can offer so that the consumers do not feel intimidated by the transition to electric vehicles that they are aware of the cost benefits and environmental benefits EV charging can offer.


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